“Do not accept if the seal is broken”

“Returns and refunds are only applicable on orders if the package is damaged”

Have you ever heard of this term or come across it while shopping online?

Or have you ever experienced this situation yourself?

If so, you already know how important packaging can be. 

And if you don’t, well, let’s say that beat-up packaging is not cute and can be such a time waste cause you need to wait for a product return or refund and it’s annoying. 

Packaging is the first line of defence for your products, it’s what keeps them from getting damaged or broken during transit.

And in today’s world, buying online is inevitable.

Even if you can find products that you need which are available at offline stores near you, you still sometimes (well, most times) find yourself buying online. 

Yup and that includes groceries. Groceries that you order can reach your home within 10 minutes.

How did we make this shift so rapidly in just a few years’ time?

E-commerce has become increasingly important in the home delivery industry in recent years, as more and more consumers turn to online shopping for convenience, variety, and better prices. 

It allows you to shop from the comfort of your own home, whenever you want and gets it delivered to your doorstep without taking one step forward, saving you the time and hassle (and probably leg pain if you wear high heels) to travel to physical stores.

If you own a business that sells products (especially analogous products) you must know how important packaging is, cause let’s be honest. It matters. A LOT. A whole lot if you will.

But why?

Packaging is an essential aspect of e-commerce and plays a key role in protecting products during shipping and delivery.

It not only provides protection to your order but can be a determinant in the way we experience the product, our beliefs about the brand and our environment and the aspect of shopping as a whole.

Packaging can communicate the value, quality, and benefits of the product, and ultimately drive revenue for a business.

So let’s see how it may affect your business in the long haul.


Yes, you heard that right. Sustainability is such a huge feature in today’s market as everyone is aware of unsustainable products and their aftermath. 

Plastic is no longer appreciated or encouraged unless or until it is recyclable and so are other materials as it can be an effective way to appeal to environmentally conscious customers and help reduce the environmental impact of e-commerce businesses.

A recent study showed that global consumers prefer and are willing to pay more for environmentally conscious packaging. Here’s the link if you want to head over to the article to check it out: Most Consumers Want Sustainable Products and Packaging  

Unboxing Experience:

Packaging that is designed to make the unboxing experience memorable and content can lead to positive reviews about the product and increased profits and brand loyalty.

If you would like to check out and know the importance of unboxing and first impressions of a product, here’s a channel you should check out: Unbox Therapy 

Branding and Promotions

When it comes to running a business, sometimes, first impressions can be everything.

Packaging is a big marketing tool that can help your brand create lasting impressions on customers which will lead to more sales and promote your brand as a whole.

By using consistent branding and design elements on packaging, businesses can create a cohesive visual identity that customers will recognize and associate with their brand. 


Functional and practical packaging will lead to more usage of the product by the customer and will automatically enable them to invest in your brand in the long run. 

For example, a skincare enthusiast would be more excited to use their Vitamin C Serum in dark and opaque packaging where it’s not oxidised instead of transparent packaging.

Product Information/Legibility

Imagine someone that buys their products by looking at the ingredient list.

They found your product on the internet and are unavailable to get the ingredient list on the website, but they still go ahead and get your product due to its claims.

Upon the product arriving at your doorstep, they are unable to read what’s written on the packaging as it’s illegible even after a minute of trying.

Making your customers wait too long assumes their time is invaluable.

That aside, even though your product has exactly what they’re looking for but since they are unable to read the ingredient list, they wish to return your product and get a refund. 

It’s a loss just not for you but also for your customer. 

Legibility is very important when it comes to designing your packaging. Customers that are unable to read what’s on the packaging will skip buying your product in a heartbeat as they cannot seem to make out what’s written. 

Designing a package that is legible and attractive can be a key factor in whether a customer buys your product or not. 

If you want to revamp or redesign your packaging, feel free to contact us here.

Packaging is a determinant of whether or not someone picks your product over another.


In conclusion, packaging is an essential aspect of the e-commerce era and in-home delivery. It plays a vital role in protecting products during shipping and delivery, promoting a brand, creating a memorable unboxing experience and contributing to a sustainable future. By prioritizing packaging, e-commerce businesses can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, drive sales and ultimately increase revenue.

If you would like to give a complete glow-up to your packaging, hit us up! 

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