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Achieve your marketing & branding goals with bespoke designs that wow your target market

Achieve your marketing & branding goals with bespoke designs that wow your target market

Brand Identity Design

Captivate your target audience with emotive print design. Brand design never dies. Simply take a look around you.

Make your business burst with vivid brand designs.

You might find vivid graphics on your coffee pack. You might find a hoarding with dramatic visuals through your window. Your computer screen has a carved logo. That magazine on your table. Or, that book on your shelf. Even that T-shirt you wear.

In every little thing that surrounds us, you might find the work of the graphic designer. If you want your business to reach more people, you can never ignore print design.

In the digital world, a well-designed brochure could cut through the noise. A printed newsletter could give you an edge in the market. Or, your logo-etched pen can enhance your brand recall factor.

At Brandelight, we specialise in print design. Our super-talented print designers will help you effectively communicate your message through enchantingly meaningful visuals.

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Marketing & Digital Ads Design

Your business is almost non-existent for your customers if it doesn’t exist on the internet.

Dominate the digital world with scintillating visuals

If your website doesn’t show up on Google, you’re giving away a large chunk of your pie to your competitors – just like that. If don’t have a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter, it is for certain your competitors are gaining an unfair advantage.

That’s not good for your business, right?

So it’s imperative you build a powerful online presence. And without irresistibly expressive visuals, your digital marketing efforts will be as bland as salt-less food. Don’t turn away your audience with boring visuals and lose business.

At Brandelight, we can help you stand out like a cherry on the top of a cake.

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Web and Mobile App Design

Energize your business with research-based, emotionally-appealing UI designs. Want apps that grab users by their eyeballs? Need websites that effectively communicate your message?

Delivering designs that captivate, compel & convert curious visitors into raving fans

Your design is the key.

Your design should impress, immerse, and invoke the users to take action. Your design should be easy-on-the-eyes, aesthetically appealing, and emotionally uplifting. Your design should reach your customer’s heart – be it web or mobile.

For that, your design should be based on data and evidence, not intuition, blind gut feelings, and fancy whims.

At Brandelight, we focus on creating meaningful, research-based designs.


Once the User Experience is ideated by the UX designer, the UI team will start designing interfaces where your audience will actually interact with your application, website or landing page.


From the choice of buttons and animations to colour schemes and menus to typography and layout, the UX designer will provide the visual direction for the UI designer. The UI designer will add emotions to the logical flow ideated by the UX designer.


By strategically blending empathy, cognitive science and brand elements into the design, the UI designer will create functional yet appealing designs that achieve your goals.

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Videos and Motion Design

Power your marketing efforts with riveting videos & animations

Engross. Entertain. Educate. Get videos that elevate & expand your business reach.

30 Million
That’s the sheer number of people watching videos on Youtube every day.

That’s the percentage of businesses that have got an uplift in the conversion rate through video marketing.

That’s the percentage of people who prefer watching a video than reading a blogpost

That’s the percentage of consumers who say watching videos have helped them in their buying process.

Now, do you need more reasons to take advantage of video marketing?

Videos are proving to skyrocket business growth. And if you don’t leverage the power of video marketing, you’re simply giving away your prospects to your competitors.

That’s the hard truth. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

At Brandelight, we offer a wide range of cost-effective yet impactful video marketing services to supercharge your business growth. From promotional to explainer to vlogs, we can help realize digital marketing goals.

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