We all love stories for many different reasons.

Whether it’s the journey, character or the ultimate message of the story, we tend to fall in love with it eventually.

But what exactly is the reason why we feel so drawn to stories?

It’s a well-known fact that humans find an excruciating amount of information in stories.

But why?

That’s because the human brain picks up patterns in its environment, be it visual, sound or information.

Stories are a form of informative pattern easily recognised by the human brain and automatically allocates a lot of meaning to them.

Another reason why stories can be so meaningful is that it gives us a sense of feeling and direction as to how other humans think and feel, which enable us to empathise more.

Storytelling is central to human existence.

Originally, storytelling began with visual representation, such as cave drawings and slowly moved on to other forms such as oral and written.

And with time, it has become such a powerful tool for humans to interact and connect better with others, to themselves and with their work.

At this point, you’re probably wondering what storytelling will do for your brand and let us break it down for you.

Storytelling is an immensely powerful tool in branding. Don’t ever forget that.

Do you know why?

When you list out facts, statistics and rough data about your brand, there are high chances that your potential customers and your audiences are not going to understand it as it can come off as “too technical” for them.

This, in turn, can make them lose interest in your brand and leave them inconsiderate of your brand’s messages and communication strategies.

Cause, hey, your customers don’t seem to understand your brand even when they try to.

But, the good news is, you don’t have to throw off those raw data at your customers anymore.

Because . . .

You’ve got the powerful tool of Brand Storytelling.

What exactly is Brand Storytelling?

Brand Storytelling is the process of creative and authentic storytelling about your brand that creates an emotional response from your customers and audience on why they are a part of your greater mission and vision.

When your brand implements storytelling, it creates an emotional connection.

You might be thinking about how storytelling can create an emotional connection.

To start off, storytelling helps you simplify your message, making your brand look more real and memorable.

When something is authentic and memorable, your customers feel more intimate with your brand as they feel like they know something that others don’t and that creates a significant and important relationship.

Once, this emotional connection is employed to your brand, it invokes a sense of humanness within your brand and its customers.

Humanness easily creates trust and loyalty to your brand from your customers.

Brand Storytelling and Your Customers

The result of a loyal customer or audience is more engagement from their side which will lead to more conversion and revenue for your business.

Not only do you grow in profits, but so does your customer base. When your customers are emotionally connected to your brand and its products or services which benefit their needs, they will recommend your brand to other people.

There are so many forms of storytelling; one of the most prominent forms for a brand is visual storytelling.

Visual storytelling enables your brand to represent itself through its graphic design (logos, colours, etc), images, videos and animation.

At the time when your brand starts telling stories visually, it is more compelling and engaging to your audience and customers as visual storytelling is very appealing to them.

Benefits of Visual Storytelling

Your customers and audiences not only engage with you more, but they also have an opportunity to fully see and understand your brand’s authenticity and unravel a deeper meaning with your brand as it is highly influential on your customer’s emotions.

With brand storytelling, you are also able to highlight your brand’s values and attract similar audiences and customers that align with your values.

Once your audiences or customers are able to resonate with your brand’s values, they become very very loyal, which leads you to build a steady foundation for your business.

All of these benefits, in turn, will make your brand create its own community where like-minded people come together for a bigger purpose which is extremely meaningful to both your brand and your community.

Just like how storytelling can be central to human existence, it can also be a tool that is central to your brand’s existence.

As more content could be created through storytelling on Social Media, it helps with your Search Engine Optimization and Lead Generation which could help you attract more audiences and customers that align with your brand story.

So, to sum it all up, just use the evergreen art of storytelling in your business to create a sense of humanness in your brand, increase trust and loyalty with your customers, leverage your profits, and build a solid foundation of your brand’s values.

If you have a clear idea now of how you want your brand to be and look, feel free to contact us. If you want to know more on this topic, hold on, cause we’ve got so much more content coming up related to all things branding and design.

Now, for the most exciting part, let us know what your story is!

We’d love to know.